Unit of Excellence

Unit of Excellence Award Information
The Unit of Excellence Award was created in 2012 to recognize Units who have a high degree of participation in the OA program.  There are 5 categories to the Award; and Units who want to be recognized with this Award must complete requirements in all 5 — Leadership, Planning, Activation, Elections and Participation.
For the full list of requirements in each category, click on this link:
Troop OA Representatives and OA ASM’s who have earned the Unit of Excellence Award for their position may order the emblem directly from the national office using the form found here:
Unit of Excellence Report
At any time throughout the year, you may request a report that details your Unit’s participation and activation (Brotherhood) activities in the OA.  To request a report, send an email to LodgeAdviser@nentico.org.  This will help you gauge if your Unit is on track.  The report lists number of members in good standing (dues paid), participation for those individuals and unit percentage participation, and Brotherhood conversion percentages.
Qualification for Award
After the Fall Fellowship weekend of each year, units who think they qualify for the award should contact the Lodge Adviser at LodgeAdviser@nentico.org.  The Adviser will verify that the award criteria has been met.
1) Certificate for Scoutmasters of Excellence – A Scoutmaster whose unit has achieved Unit of Excellence status three times will be recognized at the annual lodge banquet* with a certificate.
2) Recognition Patch for OA Troop Representatives and OA Troop Rep Advisers – patches can be purchased by those individuals who qualify.
*If the troop is not represented at the Lodge Banquet, other arrangements for recognition can be made.
If you have any questions about the award, do not hesitate to contact the Lodge Adviser at LodgeAdviser@nentico.org.
Units Who have Earned the Award
National Pike T361GNational Pike T851BNational Pike T851GNational Pike T944BArrowhead T307B
Arrowhead T764BArrowhead T846BHarford Ship 1808
National Pike T944BNational Pike T944GNational Pike T428BCarroll T829B
Arrowhead T764Carroll T417BChesapeake T350Chesapeak T355Chesapeake T409
Dulaney T102Dulaney T130Four Rivers T1878Four Rivers T712Four Rivers T995B
Four Rivers T855McHenry T161National Pike T601National Pike T759National Pike T944B
Arrowhead T307Carroll T417Chesapeake T372Chesapeake T409Dulaney T102
Four Rivers T870Four Rivers T2016McHenry T161The Capitol T115 
Arrowhead T307Carroll T417Carroll T460Chesapeake T304Chesapeake T355
Chesapeake T884Dulaney T102Dulaney T124Dulaney T130Four Rivers T712
Four Rivers T855Four Rivers T870Four Rivers T873Harford T400Harford T899
Harford T978McHenry T161National Pike T424National Pike T794National Pike T944
  The Capitol T396  
Arrowhead T307Carroll T417Carroll T460Chesapeake T117Dulaney T102
Dulaney T102Four Rivers T119Four Rivers T725Four Rivers T855Four Rivers T870
Harford T400National Pike T424National Pike T602National Pike T794The Capitol T1214
Arrowhead T307
Arrowhead T706
Carroll T460
Chesapeake T117
Chesapeake T409
Chesapeake T1814
Dulaney T102
Dulaney T124
Dulaney T247
Dulaney T711
Dulaney T927
Four Rivers T119
Four Rivers T721
Four Rivers T769
Four Rivers T855
Four Rivers T870
Harford T400
Harford T777
Harford T965
Harford T978
National Pike T424
National Pike T613
National Pike T794
National Pike T944
The Capitol T815
The Capitol T1214